Hans Rhyner

Hans Rhyner

Wine luminary Hans Rhyner new at Hotel Bären Gonten

Hans Rhyner learned his craft autodidactically. Good food and a fine glass of wine have always been a pleasure for him. Gradually, his curiosity grew about how a good drop is created.

On many trips around the world, he has visited a wide variety of wineries, from large companies to the smallest. Through his open and outgoing nature, he has learned a lot from the people behind the wines and has been inspired. He quickly discovered that smaller estates, with their handiwork and heart and soul, particularly fascinate him. Thus he has built up a wealth of experience, which he has shared and passed on over the past 20 years.

This benefited not only the numerous restaurants, but especially his guests.

“For me, awards and prestige are not in the first place. Rather, I want to please people and share my impressions from my visits to the winemakers. You enjoy a wine differently when you know that the winemaker has harvested the grapes by hand on the steepest slopes, where the mule is the only means of transport”

Now he is very much looking forward to the new stage in Gonten and the collaboration with the two hosts and chefs Jürgen Schmid and Carlo Bet. Together with Beatrice Rhyner, he is entrusted with the development and extension of the wine cellar. The tasks in the Rhyner house are clearly distributed: Beatrice Rhyner keeps the threads together in the background, manages the administration and writes the cards. Hans Rhyner maintains close contacts with the winegrowers and is always on the lookout for new fine wines, because new discoveries are his focus.