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An open fireplace, a good wine in the glass and visionary ideas in your head – this is how you can relax, discuss, make and cultivate friendships. Taste our in-house whiskey edition and choose a Bären cigar from the exclusively equipped humidor. The day ends in style in the Schmitte (Smithy Bar).

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Bärenstobe menu

Just as the premises are a fusion of Appenzell tradition and modernity, so is the philosophy of our kitchen team. You can expect culinary highlights and creative encounters of international ease with refined, hearty Appenzell down-to-earthness.

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Tavern is the meeting place for our hotel guests and for all guests from near and far. During the day for coffee & cake and later in the afternoon for aperitifs, our tavern invites you to linger on seven days from 8 am to 11 pm.

Tavern is open from 5 pm for all guests

Bären wine list

In our centuries-old cellar vaults of the Bären store our exquisite and carefully selected selection of wine treasures. The Wine Cellar offers room for up to 10 guests to enjoy aperitifs or tastings in an atmospheric ambience.
Only the right drop completes a culinary experience.

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Bären Cigar menu

Cigars are as delicious as life itself. You don't keep life for yourself.
One enjoys it to the full.
Arthur Rubinstein

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Delicacies & Vouchers

Whether beary-fruity, beary-scented, beary-smokey or beary-high-proof:

Our exquisite house specialities offer something noble and unique for every taste.
Enjoy our spices at home, so that you can wallow a little longer in bearish times.