Appenzeller Lounge

Appenzeller Lounge of the Bear

The Appenzeller Lounge opens from october 30, 2021 to april 2, 2022.
The Appenzeller Lounge of the Hotel Bären offers 40 people a unique atmosphere for enjoying Appenzeller cheese specialties. Whether for hotel guests – as a complement to the Bärenstobe and Tavern or for locals and visitors from near and far: here you eat cheese, hot and full.
The offer is completed by two appetizers, finest wines and spirits.

With great attention to detail, the interior design and decoration of the Appenzeller Lounge were implemented. A fireplace provides for “heemelige” warmth, fresh flowers, white tablecloths, cloth napkins, as well as a cigar lounge testify to generous hospitality and the installed equipment for cooling and cooking of a full-fledged gastronomy concept.

On five days of the week one enjoys here finest Fondue in two variations and Raclette – also vegetarian. Tuesday to Saturday from 6 pm to 11 pm the lounge is open. Sunday and monday can be realized and booked here well & gladly family celebrations, closed parties or company celebrations. Explore the lounge in detail and ask us without obligation.


Protection concept

As in all rooms of the Hotel Bären Gonten, a protection concept also applies here in the Appenzeller Lounge. The presentation of a Covid certificate is mandatory.
The Therapy AIR ION air purifiers, which meet ui-leb test requirements, filter the smallest particles such as dust, bacteria and viruses. This allows us to counteract the virus and provide additional protection.