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Your event at the Bären

We in Appenzell know how to celebrate. Come to us and try it out! In the Bärenstobe there is room for up to 92 guests, in the Taverne and Schmitte up to 30 people have enough space for any kind of celebration. Take over the menu design yourself – we provide you with our dishes according to the four seasons always up to date for your choice. Original Appenzell music, which we organize for you, or the Appenzell traditional costume, which our waitress can put on, are all part of a successful celebration.

From 10 persons you can choose dishes from the Four Seasons according to your heart’s desire, matching the season and the date of your event. Simply get in touch with us for this. Thank you very much.

For more information please send us a mail to event@baeren-gonten.ch.